Olga Kay Twitter Reveals Moosh Walks Socks Are Beginning of Multi-Level Sales Empire!

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Hopefully you LOVE LOVE LOVE your Moosh Walks socks, because if Olga Kay has her way, you’ll be selling them to all your friends and neighbors! A series of tweets sent on Monday (now deleted) were apparently supposed to be Direct Messages to her business manager. While we weren’t able to screenshot the flurry of accidental tweets, the messages allegedly plan out how Moosh Walks socks are just the beginning of a multi-tier sales marketing empire.

While the YouTube beauty didn’t say “pyramid scheme” directly, the implication of the tweets were clear: Olga is going to have the world buying — and selling — not just her distinctive Moosh socks, but Moosh EVERYTHING. People shouldn’t mind too much with the socks, they’re pretty adorable. But can you imagine the reality that is Moosh Ninja Gear, Moosh Salad Tongs, even Moosh-Flavored Water!

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Here are just a few of the items she mentioned:

Moosh BBQ Sauce
Moosh Tennis Balls
Moosh Pinball
Moosh Electric Blankets
Moosh Salad Accessories
Moosh Ninja Throwing Stars
Moosh Pasta Maker
Moosh Dancing Robot(?)
Moosh Rye Bread
Moosh Cult Robes
Moosh the Video Game
Moosh Pencil Sharpeners
Moosh Pencils
Moosh School Containers (To carry Moosh Pencils)
Moosh Paper (To write on with Moosh Pencils)
Moosh Envelopes (To mail Moosh Paper written on by Moosh Pencils)
Moosh Burritos
Moosh Water
Moosh Trash Bags
Something called “Moosh Music”
Moosh Cat Pants

The crazy thing is, we’d totally eat Moosh Burritos. We reached out to Olga’s business manager, but apparently she has cancelled all her social media and fled the country. If we can get answers from Olga as to what exactly “Moosh Cat Pants” are, of course we’ll update.

?????????? (photo credit: www.hobomama.com)

(photo credit: www.hobomama.com)

In the meantime, just know that you are about to become one of the top salespeople for the Moosh empire. How do we know this? Because EVERYBODY is about to become a top salesperson for the Moosh empire. Can we interest you in buying this Moosh Television? It comes with all-Moosh channels and Moosh Glitter … lots of Moosh Glitter.


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