OZ To Challenge YouTube For Video Platform Supremacy

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A lot of video platforms have attempted to challenge YouTube’s crown as the king of online video, but all of them have so far come up short. But that doesn’t deter Oz, the new video streaming platform from Iceland. Working, like Vessel and a few others (cough, Tidal), off a subscription-based service, OZ offers creators a global subscription base of 150 channels for them to connect directly with their fans and if that’s not impressive enough, they also are positioned to give creators an impressive 70 percent cut of the revenue.

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Started by Icelandic innovator Gudjon Gudjonsson, OZ offers a built-in marketing tool called Moments, a built-in driver of growth, offering short video clips with sound derived from subscription content which subscribers generate and share on social media. Or as Gudjonsson describes it to NMR: “When a fan is subscribing to a channel, they can create short video Moments from the channel and post it on their social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This drives traffic for new users to the channel page.” But that’s just one of several offerings the platform promises to help drive end users to creators and expand their international presence.

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Of course it also helps to have a catchy and easy to remember name. “We always think about OZ as something magical. When it comes to our name, we felt that OZ was a good fit. It’s also short, universal and good to remember,” Gudjonsson said.

If they intend to beat YouTube at its own game, it never hurts to have a little magic.

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