Police Turn To YouTube To Solve Dead Baby Murder Mystery

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Police are desperate to solve an old murder case that involves the corpse of a baby found wrapped in plastic bags beside a road. The case, which occurred in 1999 in Yorkshire, England, has gone unsolved for 16 years now and police are revisiting the issue on YouTube, making posting an appeal video for the baby’s mother to come forward.

Called the Menethorpe Baby Appeal, the Yorkshire Police posted the video to bring attention to the extreme cold case that involved the death of the 34-week-old baby boy. Despite having no known family or name, the infant was buried back in 2001. Police have been searching without luck for the baby’s killer since then. They think the baby was born to one of the girls at a school nearby and that the mother would be around 30 today. A message on the video reads: “If you can help, or know anything which might be of use, no matter how small, please contact Sarah on 07581 297866.”

I am also going to speculate that since no one ever came forward to report their baby was stolen, that the mother friggin’ did it.

Share this story to help bring some closure here. If you live in America, like us, just report all the 30-year-old British women you know (Keira Knightley). No, do not really do that.