Prank vs Prank, Louis Cole Head To Asia For Contiki RoadTrip

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What’s that? You can’t afford to go on a vacation right now? Well let the good people of YouTube and ConTiki bring the vacation to you! Via their travel series RoadTrip, the YouTubers are heading to some exotic Asian ports of call this year.

From the release: “Explore Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam with all time favorites Jesse & Jeana of PvP, Alli Speed and Louis Cole, joined by newbies Will Darbyshire, Jamie Curry, That’s Heart, Arnold Telegaarta, Arden Rose and Chloe Morello.”

The RoadTrip show will let you tag along with the YouTubers as they have adventures in some of the world’s most fascinating cities.

And remember when you said you couldn’t afford to go on a vacation right now? Well, even better news: Contiki is giving away three trips to lucky fans for FREE! Yes, the best word in the English language is your ticket to ride this summer, but you have to register here. And of course, be sure to tune in and support your favorite YouTube stars.

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