Racist Police Detective Who Hassled Uber Driver Gets Busted After Viral YouTube Video

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You know that kind of cop that everyone hates — the one who was more aggressive than other police officers? He/she yelled at you when they didn’t need to, and was just excessive in their abuse of power? Well, score one for the hassled people because he just got assigned to a desk job.

The cop, Det. Patrick Cherry with the NYPD, was parking without using his blinker. According to the YouTube page containing the video, Cherry was likely double parking without using hazards. An unnamed Uber driver hauling a passenger Sanjay Seth went around the unmarked police car and gestured for Cherry to use his blinker. The cop didn’t like that.

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He pulled the Uber driver over and began to berate him. Fortunately, Seth pulled out his phone in the back seat and recorded the racially-tinged interaction:

Well, now the cops have seen it and according to C/Net, NYPD Police Comissioner William Bratton made a statement about the video: “No good cop should watch that video without a wince. Because all good cops know that officer just made their jobs a little bit harder.”

One less bad cop on the streets makes our lives a little easier, but it also means one less cop out there protecting us. So 🙁 to that.

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