Rightster To Take Over Marketing For 20th Century Fox’s YouTube Channels

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If you see the Charlie Bit Me kids pop up on a 20th Century Fox channel, know that there is some deeper synergy at play. Rightster, who owns both Base79 and Viral Spiral, has now taken over marketing duty on 35 of 20th Century Fox’s YouTube channels across 17 territories (the usual suspects + Turkey … good ol’ Turkey).

Rightster is a multi-network platform that works with creators and brands to achieve better content — at least I think that’s what they do. I swear to God, this is a sentence they put on their website under the heading “About Us”: “Rightster was founded in May 2011 with the vision of enabling media businesses and brands to overcome the huge fragmentation in the online video market with a single technology platform for engaging audiences and transacting with optimal efficiency.” What the hell does that even mean?

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Fortunately, 20th Century Fox speaks in terms we can comprehend:

“Rightster offers the global footprint to help increase our international reach on YouTube through their expertise in channel management, audience development and influencer marketing campaigns. We’re pleased to partner with Patrick and the team to establish and expand digital communities around our theatrical releases and brands,” says Kieran Breen, President of International Theatrical Marketing at 20th Century Fox.

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And should you doubt their abilities, just know that “Following the acquisitions of Base79 and Viral Spiral in the summer of 2014, Rightster’s network now stands at over 1,950 content owners and over 7,500 online publishers.”

In plain English: Rightster is going to make you and me and a bunch of other people in other countries want to go to Fox’s YouTube channels more regularly. Sounds good to me.

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