Robin Williams Impressions By Jamie Costa Will Magically Ease Your Heartache

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It’s still tough to realize that Robin Williams is gone.

Easily one of the most iconic actors who created some of the most iconic roles of all time, he’s the one Hollywood death that most of us can’t quite seem to get over. And that makes this video by Jamie Costa, a budding impressionist, such a treat.

Jamie, who runs the gamut of Williams’ most famous characters and some of their most famous expressions, is like a reverse Vaughn Meader, trotting out his spot-on impressions only after the subject has passed away.

Too bad. It would have been fun to see the two of them riff.

Fortunately, Jamie seems to have a host of characters to draw from that are also pretty good. But that Robin Williams of his is something special. And 2 million people have tuned in to watch.

Sure you can just go turn on a clip of the actual actor on YouTube if you get to missing his stuff. But this is pretty great as well — it’s like you can look in Jamie’s face and see that he effected a little bit of Robin’s soul too.

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