Sam Macaroni Is About To Become A Household Name Where You Live [INTERVIEW]

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Sam Macaroni is one of those names that’s easy to remember — which he hated growing up, because bullies. Now that he’s working in an industry built on name recognition, I bet Sam’s pretty happy to be a Macaroni. It isn’t just memorable names that get attention in the Hollywood/YouTube jungle though, it’s talent. And when you look at Sam’s abilities, not just with practical and computer-generated effects, but with shot compositions, directing, writing and acting, it’s easy to see that the man is a f**king lion. Except that lions don’t live in jungles, they live on savannahs … hmm … well a tiger then. Yeah, Sam Macaroni is a badass YouTube tiger. And he’s quickly climbing the YouTube ranks thanks to his creative wizardry and delightfully absurdist sensibilities.

Jumping across a variety of styles and shows on his channel, Sam runs the gamut from perpetually amazed fan boy to confident comedian to technical storyteller. NMR has had the privilege of showcasing some of his videos lately, and so it has been a bonus (like a naked lady popping out of a giant birthday cake) that he agreed to sit down with us (well, an email version of us) and answer some probing questions.

Maybe this is just wishful thinking on our parts, but hopefully this becomes the DEFINITIVE Sam Macaroni interview, the one that catapults him to superstardom and then he lets us come hang out at his mansion and eat monkeys (or whatever tigers eat). But hell, we’d be happy to just keep watching his amazing videos (as long as we can still eat some monkeys).

You score some pretty awesome collabs with mainstream Hollywood actors in your videos … how do you do it?

Sam: That’s top secret. But thanks for noticing!

Is Macaroni your real last name? If no, how did you come up with it? If yes, how badly were you teased growing up?

It is my real name. Funny you should ask about growing up with that name… I got teased so much. I used to run home crying and would beg my mom to change our last name. She told me “no way,” my uncle changed his last name and everyone was mad at him for it.

What does an average week look like for you? How often are you shooting video as opposed to lounging poolside with daiquiris?

Hahaha, I’m way too busy to do any lounging. My average week is usually filled with four days of shooting. After that it’s all editing, writing and various other things in between. I don’t sleep much.

What has been your favorite video you’ve done?

I love them all. It’s like asking someone who their favorite kid is. Some of the movies have things that bother me, but each one took a piece of me to make.