Sam Macaroni Is About To Become A Household Name Where You Live [INTERVIEW]

So you were in the movie Clueless?

Yeah, Clueless what the first movie I was in. I got my SAG card from Clueless. It was so fun!

Do you see YouTube as its own beast or is it a stepping stone to “mainstream Hollywood”?

It’s both!

Do you feel it’s difficult to gain subscribers? How many would you say you gain “per video”? Or does it not work like that for you at all?

It’s tough getting subscribers. I try not to focus on the numbers. I concentrate on making the best content I can. If I focus on numbers it drives me crazy.

What was it like getting to run around Disney World by yourself and how did that come about?

Running around Disney World by myself was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. It felt like I was in a zombie movie because the streets were empty. It happened because I was hosting the Maker All Star Conference in Florida. The Disney people asked me to make a movie and asked what I wanted to do. I said, “have the park all to myself.” I never thought they would say yes. I’ve learned if I don’t ask, then the answer is no. So I always ask.

Have you seen a lot of positive benefits as a result of Disney buying Maker?

Yes, it’s been really cool working with the Disney people. They are all so nice. And smart.

Have you had any ideas that were “too grand” to carry out? Or is everything pretty much achievable these days?

If I can think it up, I can find a way to do it. I prefer shooting things practical, but if I have to use special effects I will.

Who are some YouTube channels that you love? (besides your own, of course)

I love Steve-O’s because it’s been really cool watching him grow into an awesome YouTuber. We’ve done some crazy stuff on that channel and he’s always coming up with crazy new ideas. Of course I love Shay’s, ERB, and Delaghetto. Another great channel is JonLajoie. But there are so many good channels that this list could get absurdly long. So I’ll stop there.

What do you have upcoming?

I’m obsessed with Virtual Reality. I partnered with Epic Games and I’m going to be making some insane VR content. Plus I’m making a feature film. It’s an action comedy.


Aww, now you maybe see why we like the hell out of Sam … he’s an all-around good guy and a great YouTuber. Now that you’ve successfully read (or at least skimmed) his interview, check out his channel and subscribe!

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