Sam Macaroni’s Six Best Videos — Ranked!

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Sam Macaroni is one of the most engaged and dynamic content creators working in new media. His YouTube channel is both visual effects heavy and hilarious, and as far as interesting creators go, Sam is better than that other asshole … yeah, you know who I’m talking about.

The problem with his channel is that there are too many good videos — which as far as things go, isn’t a terrible problem to have. It could have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, after all. But say you’re a video fan on the go (yeah, right couch dweller) … how do you choose which video to watch? Fortunately, we’ve taken the trouble of going through his back catalog of 50+ videos to find the absolute best. Sure it might be subjective, but we’ve got really good taste.

6. Epic School Battle

Holy star-studded access, Batman. Sam Macaroni has more celeb connections than Derek Jeter’s Valtrex guy.

5. Dimwits – Gorilla Roommate

Why is this not a series on Animal Planet? Damn, that’s such a good gorilla costume.

4. War Machine At the Office

Sam does a whole line of “superheroes at the office” but this one is pretty f**king magical. Yeah, we said “f**king,” don’t let that overshadow the “magical” part.

3. Filmmaker Intervention – Sam Macaroni

This should be a recurring series with him. I want to see other YouTubers have their oeuvre shredded hilariously.