Sarah Silverman Wage Gap Video Calls Out Comedy Club; Comedy Club Responds Brutally

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There is a huge issue with dishonesty when it comes to subjects like the wage gap. There are a lot of people on one side, let’s call it the chauvinist male side, who will never change their minds. They like that inequality or see it as a positive thing — it’s ludicrous of course, but they’ve made up their minds. But you also have folks in the middle who haven’t made up their mind as to where they stand … and if something gets exposed as a lie, it brings the whole system that much lower in their minds.

The issue in question today is Sarah Silverman’s video that calls out a comedy club for wage inequality based on gender.

In it, Sarah points out that she got $10 for working a club doing the same gig as male comedian Todd Barry who got $60. The club manager, Al Martin, was apparently casually dismissive about the idea of wage equality in Sarah’s video. In real life, he doesn’t seem so casual.

After the video made the rounds, Al jumped on Facebook to clear his name and reveal that it wasn’t exactly a wage equality situation to begin with. As he tells it, “Sarah … I did not pay you less because of gender, I paid you less because Todd Barry was booked and you weren’t.” Huh. Well that changes things.

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Of course, this is now a he said, she said thing. Ideally, it would be nice to hear from Todd Barry on the matter and a retort from Sarah could be beneficial too.

But right now, as time ticks by, minds are being made up one way or the other. And it all depends on who knows the details of the situation.

It’s a dangerous game to play.

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