“Social Medium” Indiegogo: New Season To Feature Real-Life Ghost Hunter

A hipster psychic gets text messages from ghosts in “Social Medium,” a recent addition to the web series scene — and they’ve just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the next round of episodes, so check it out if adorably tech-savvy spirits sound like your thing.

Executive producer Tara Jayn plays Beatrix Beckett, a vlogger who is convinced she can communicate with ghosts — but only through her computer or her phone. Her videos about nail polish or things she found on Etsy keep getting interrupted by weird happenings, like random text messages from her dead grandmother or possessed GrubHub accounts that order terrible food. (“I would so much rather be shopping in Anthropologie or sipping on a well-crafted old fashioned instead of answering emails from beyond the grave!” she exclaims at one point, which is possibly the most twee sentence I’ve ever heard.)

Of course, most of these things could be explained by someone playing a prank on her, so she has trouble getting her friends (including James Brent Isaacs from “Emma Approved” and Kate Hackett from “Classic Alice”) to take her “gift” seriously.

social medium 3

The existing episodes act as a kind of teaser for the official Season 1, which from the sound of things will have a more action-packed storyline. For instance, the creators recently announced that they’ve booked real-life ghost hunter Susan Slaughter, known for her roles in “Ghost Hunters International” and “Ghost Hunters Academy,” for one of the episodes. “We’ve been working really really hard on it, we’ve brought on new writers, and what we’ve got on our hands is pretty amazing,” says Tara.

“Social Medium” is launching their Indiegogo campaign with the aim of raising enough money to shoot 18 episodes for the first season. They hope to launch the series by the end of the summer. Help them out and give indie web series creators some love.


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