Swoozie TV Show Closer To Reality With Animator’s Latest Move


YouTubers are having a real moment on television right now, but no matter how many subs you have, you can’t get to television without a good agent. That’s why we’re pumped that leading talent house Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has swooped in to sign Swoozie. When you think about it, it’s clear that any talent shop would be thrilled to have the YouTube star, whose real name is Adande Thorne. Forget the old-school triple threat, Swoozie is an internet quadruple threat. A comedian, animator, actor, and gamer with over 2 million subscribers, Swoozie is the picture of a breakout star.

Best known for videos like “Cheating In Middle School” and “Confessions of a Disney Employee,” Swoozie has racked up more than 307 million views on his personal channel. He’s also a YouTube mainstay featuring in many prominent collaborations, including a role in the upcoming film Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin and a recurring spot on the Fine Brothers’ hugely popular YouTubers React series.

The last few years have seen YouTube emerge into the mainstream of entertainment. With that has come an increased interest in YouTube stars both from the traditional media and from mainstream entertainment institutions. Swoozie is just the latest in a growing line of creators who have signed with major talent agencies in order to expand their opportunities off the platform. CAA has a proven track record for launching signees into major new projects. The agencies recent signings include Timothy DeLaGhetto, Kian Lawley, and Jc Caylen. Could a TV project be in Swoozie’s future? Or another film perhaps? Time will tell, but having the skills of CAA behind him can’t hurt.


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