Taylor Swift Mom Diagnosed With Cancer, Fans Rally On Social Media


Taylor Swift is used to her life being an open book. The singer has never been shy about processing her feelings and experiences, good and bad, into music. However, today she took to Tumblr to reveal something that likely cuts deeper than any breakup. In a brief post, Swift shared the fact that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer and will be undergoing treatment. The post is short on details, Swift and her mother both value their privacy, but Swift reached out to fans with a message. She encouraged all her followers to speak to their parents about getting regular health screenings. It’s typical for Taylor to reach out to her millions of fans even at what must be a terribly difficult time, and equally typical to see her fans reach back.


Social media is already flooded with messages of support and good wishes for Taylor, and for her mom, Andrea Finlay. The #PrayForMamaSwift is trending worldwide as Swifties spread the world and show their love for the songstress and her mom.


There’s been no word yet on what type of cancer Andrea is suffering from or what her prognosis is. The family has understandably chosen to keep the specific details of her health crisis private. However, Taylor has given her fans reason to feel close to her family in the past. The star has shared tons of moments and memories on social media, and even featured home movies of her mom in the video for her song “The Best Day.”


For now, as Taylor said in her Tumblr post, “She’s got an important battle to fight,” but it’s clear that friends, family, and millions of fans will be with her every step of the way.