Terminator Genisys YouTube Shoot, YouTubers Film With Arnold Schwarzenegger


In just a few short months Arnold Schwarzenegger will be suiting up for a return to his most iconic role. The former Governator’s latest movie Terminator: Genisys hits theaters this July, but the future has come early at the YouTube Space LA. This week some of YouTube’s biggest stars teamed up with the Arnold himself for an epic secret video shoot to promote the film. On hand for the shoot were Olga Kay, Toby Turner, Lilly Singh, Woody Tondorf, and Matthew Santoro.

Details are from the set are pretty scarce, but it certainly looks like everyone was having a great time. The irresistible Olga Kay even managed to get a leg up on the stoic Governator himself…literally!


Lucky for us Toby Turner vlogged a bit of this awesome day. Check it out for a behind the scenes peek.


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