The PewDiePie Game Finally Has A Name – Preview The Legend Of The Brofist


It’s been months since YouTube gaming megastar PewDiePie first announced his plan to build a video game of his own, and now fans are finally getting a look at the (nearly) finished product. Though it’s still in development, the game is looking a lot slicker than the early version we saw a few months ago. Pewds revealed a bit of gameplay in his latest video and opened up about some of the features fans can expect in the finished product.

So far the game offers at least two playable characters — PewDiePie and longtime girlfriend and fellow YouTuber Marzia are both available for players to choose from. In the finished version both will have individualized special abilities to help make their style of play distinctive. Players can also expect guest appearances by other YouTubers and tons of references and in jokes that are sure to please longtime fans. The game also finally received a name, The Legend of The Brofist, a reference to one of PewDiePie’s familiar catchphrases and, he says, a homage to his many loyal fans, or “bros” who made it all possible.


If the whole game sounds like a fanboy dream come true, that’s largely because it is. PewDiePie has crowdsourced many of the development decisions to fans, asking for suggestions about everything from the design and style of play to which character should appear. Many of those suggestions made it all the way to the screen, meaning The Legend of The Brofist will be one of the most fan-oriented games ever. Appropriate for a YouTube gaming star’s first release.

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