Thunder Studios Acquires YouTube MCN Power Up TV

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Another YouTube MCN has been gobbled up by a Hollywood studio — Thunder Studios has acquired Power Up TV. Gobbled up in a good way, of course. The sort of way that benefits a whole lot of people.

While the specifics of the deal haven’t been released, Power Up TV founder Carey Martell is pleased: “We are happy to tell our creators we now have a 150,000 square feet movie studio to shoot in.” He further added, “We also have a fund for original web series and invest up to $500,000 into the programs we greenlight. We intend to be a bridge between new and traditional media, offering thousands of YouTubers a chance to move out of the bedroom or garage and into a real sound stage.”

Initially started to focus on the niche gaming genre on YouTube, their vertical expands to now include music, comedy, sports and lifestyle programming.

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Thunder Studios is the largest independent studio in Southern California, which should benefit YouTubers and their access nicely.The 2,000+ YouTubers currently signed to Power Up TV’s roster just came up. Maybe if you get your act together, you can come up too.

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