To Catch A Predator: Chris Hansen Launching Kickstarter To Revive Series [UPDATED]

UPDATE 2:55 PM EST 04/15/15: The Kickstarter is live!

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Starting today, you can help catch child molesters, perverts and creeps with Chris Hansen.

The Dateline NBC star, who stopped making To Catch A Predator episodes in 2008 and left NBC in 2013, has apparently been inundated with requests for new episodes of the show, so popular are they with fans (who apparently haven’t realized it’s no longer on the air). So now he’s taking to Kickstarter to raise the $400,000 he estimates it will take to bring TCAP back.

Initially, he is seeking to bring it to a digital platform like YouTube before relaunching it on a TV channel. He’ll call the show Hansen vs. Predator, apparently because NBC owns the name rights to To Catch A Predator. No word on whether “If You Give A Predator A Cookie” was available as a title.

While the campaign has not actually launched yet, some of the perks include getting Chris Hansen to record your voicemail message (“Jeff can’t come to the phone right now, currently he’s ‘having a seat.'” Jesus.) or watch an episode with Chris.

Hansen mentioned to the L.A. Times that a reason behind the new show is the sheer amount of avenues creepers have today. More than ever it’s easier to be a predator. “When we did it before, there were chat rooms on AOL and Yahoo,” Hansen said. “Now there are 22 ways to communicate online.”

In the meantime, until this is a reality, you can watch old TCAP episodes on YouTube. Like I plan to do for the rest of the day.

If the perverts were smart, they’d start their own Kickstarter to keep this show off the air, ’cause Hansen will be gunning for ya.

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