Tubular Labs Creator Profiles Will Be The LinkedIn Of YouTube


Online video creators are quickly eclipsing mainstream stars in terms of their reach and social impact, but until now there hasn’t been a comprehensive database to keep track of them all. Think about it, the last time you encountered and actor, director, or even writer that you wanted to see more of, all you had to do was head over to IMDb for an exhaustive list of their credits. Currently, there’s no similar database tracking the thousands of web series, videos, campaigns, and collabs created by web video artists. More importantly, there’s no LinkedIn counterpart that lets advertisers and other interested parties find and hire the creators they need. Tubular Labs is aiming to change all that with the launch of Creator Profiles.


Tubular is best known for their work providing brands with insights, data, and analysis to brands using online video. Creator profiles will be an extension of that work, but they’ll also have serious value to online video creators. Creators will be indexed by a variety of useful criteria including geography, audience demographics and growth rate, all of which will help brands and advertisers make smart decisions and speed up the process of finding video partners. The profiles will be available to the public so that fans and fellow creators can browse away, but you’ll need a Tubular account in order to search using the indexing features.


Cataloging and indexing the web’s most popular creators is a huge job. Much like capturing all 150 Pokemon, the minute you finish, the internet releases a few hundred more into the wild. To make the job easier, Tubular is partnering with leading MCNs like Fullscreen. Profiles will include a contact button and contact quests for various creators will be routed through their respective MCNs.

While creator profiles will be a great resource for brands and creators, they’re also a sign of maturity. Online video creation has evolved from a hobby to an art form and a lucrative business with all the tools that go with it.

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