“Twilight” Short Film Series Features Yulin Kuang, Other Fan Favorites

Get ready, sparkly vampire shippers: Yulin Kuang, creator of the fandom-centric short film “I Ship It,” is among six female directors chosen to head up a Twilight short film series premiering exclusively on Facebook later this year.

The winners of “The Storytellers – New Voices of the Twilight Saga” contest were announced yesterday, voted on by fans from a selection of 30 finalists:

  • Kailey & Sam Spear for “The Mary Alice Brandon File”
  • Maja Fernqvist for “Consumed”
  • Lindsey Hancock Williamson for “Turncoats”
  • Amanda Tasse for “Sunrise”
  • Nicole Eckenroad for “The Groundskeeper”
  • Yulin Kuang for “We’ve Met Before”


The teenaged angst of Edward and Bella’s love story may not be your thing — I’ve certainly spent a lot of time making fun of it — but there are a ton of secondary characters in Stephanie Meyer’s books who would make fascinating stories in their own right. Twilight‘s largely-female fandom has been speculating about these characters for years. So it was pretty exciting for them when Stephanie Meyer announced the series of short films expanding the Twilight universe.

“When we first began discussing ideas for ‘The Storytellers — New Voices of The Twilight Saga,’ we expected that we would see great things,” Meyer says. “I knew that both within the Twilight fandom and within the female filmmaking community there was great talent. In reality, the incredible offering of creativity and skill that we’ve seen has exceeded all our expectations, from the screenplay outlines to the screenplays themselves and now the directors’ pitches.”


Yulin, whose short film is a couple’s origin story for Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale set in a 1940s diner and promises to be as ship-worthy as her previous work, geeked out on Tumblr following the announcement yesterday. “As a fangirl filmmaker who got her start as a 12-year-old writing fanfiction, I just want to say a giant massive thank you to Stephenie Meyer for being so generous with her story universe and for also really supporting emerging female filmmakers in this way.”


Which Twilight short film are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!