Twitter Gives Trolls New Weapon With Upgraded Direct Messaging

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The battles of the future will be fought not on the grounds of some distant city, but in social media …

Twitter, who recently admitted that they’d let their site get too overrun with trolls and harassment, have now armed the trolls more heavily by unveiling an enhanced version of their direct messaging feature. Now people don’t have to follow one another to allow for direct messaging! That can’t possibly go wrong. I’m sure the haters won’t blow up Justin Bieber’s private inbox now and the neckbeards will leave Anita Sarkeesian alone. And on a more intimate level, your “Uncle Greg” totally won’t hit you up for nudes now that he can do it without the family seeing.

(At least the feature is “opt in,” so it will stay turned off by default until you change your settings.)

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Rolling out in mass effect today, the site is hoping to cash in on the explosion of direct messaging that is so vogue in social media right now. But with the enhanced feature comes the enhanced responsibility to keep the trolls at bay. It will be curious to see how they attempt to regulate that.

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