Webby Award Nominees Are Here! Did Your Favorite YouTuber Make The Cut?


It’s that time again! The Webby Awards, which celebrate excellence on the internet, just announced their 2015 nominees. Hosted by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the Webbys honor anyone and everyone who creates content for the web. As usual some of YouTube’s biggest stars are crowding the nominee slots in the video categories alongside major media brands like Conde Nast and AOL.


Tyler Oakley, John Green, and Rhett and Link will all face off in the “First Person” category, while Michelle Phan will need to wrestle with a number of web based lifestyle brands including Vice in the “How-To/DIY” category. YouTube is also crowding the Science & Education bracket with Minute Physics, PBS Digital Studios, and VSauce all nominated for the prize. A full list of categories and nominees can be found below. Fan voting is open over at pv.webbyawards.com. Fans can vote for their favorites until April 23rd and winners will be announced on April 27th with a presentation ceremony to follow on May 18 hosted by comedian Hannibal Buress.


“Improv Imagination” – Condé Nast Entertainment
“Talking Dead” – AMC
“Park Bench” – AOL
“Hitrecord” – Pivot, Participant Media
“Amoeba Music’s What’s in My Bag?” – Amoeba Music

Video Remixes/Mashups

“Apehood (Boyhood & Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Trailer Mashup)” – Bridgework Pictures
“Turn Down for What Without Music” – CollegeHumor
“Melodysheep – Seize the Day (Robin Williams Remix)” – Melodysheep
“Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab?” – Animeme
“Honest Trailers” – Defy Media


“Most Shocking Second a Day” – Don’t Panic
“Halloween Candy Prank” – Jimmy Kimmel Live!
“We Got 20 Strangers Who Aren’t Models to Kiss Each Other” – Vice Media
“Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” – Denizen
“3 Seconds Cooking Shrimp Frying Cannon” – Tokyu Agency

Best Editing

“High Maintenance” – Vimeo
“Honda ‘The Other Side’” – Wieden + Kennedy
“Too Many Cooks” – Adult Swim
“Overwatch Announcement Cinematic” – Blizzard Entertainment
“The Game Before the Game” – R/GA

Best Individual Performance

“Foil” – CollegeHumor
“If Google Was a Guy” – CollegeHumor
“Lewis Black Says F#%! Voter Suppression” – ACLU
“Marry Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell” – Funny or Die
“If We Won” – Droga5

Best Use of Interactive Video

“The Seven Digital Deadly Sins” – The Guardian
“Coldplay ‘Ink’” – Blind
“Honda ‘The Other Side’” – Wieden + Kennedy
“Five Minutes” – Unit9
“Ikea: Where Good Days Start” – MediaMonks

Best Web Personality/Host

Kid President – SoulPancake
Emily Graslie – The Field Museum
Eddie Huang – Vice Media
Adam Savage from “Inside Adam’s Cave” – Whalerock Industries
“If Our Bodies Could Talk” – The Atlantic

Best Writing

“If Google Was a Guy” – CollegeHumor
“Adam Ruins Everything” – CollegeHumor
“The Britishes” – CollegeHumor
“High Maintenance” – Vimeo
“10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man” – Funny or Die


“Grantland” – ESPN Films
“Nowness” – Nowness
“The Tonight Show” – NBC
“The Voice YouTube” – NBC
“HuffPost Live” – HuffPost Live/The Huffington Post

First Person

“Good Mythical Morning” – Rhett & Link, Inc.
“ItsGrace” – Bleecker Street
“Mental Floss” – John Green – The Week/Mental Floss
“Tyler Oakley” – Persona PR
“The Village Way: Food” – NPR

How-to & DIY

Michelle Phan – Endemol Beyond USA
Craftsy – Craftsy
Threadbanger – Threadbanger
Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube – Fresh One Productions
How-To – Vice Media

News & Information

“Rise Up” – Fusion Network
“The Young Turks” – The Young Turks Network
“AJ+” – AJ+
“HuffPost Live” – HuffPost Live/ The Huffington Post
“Reuters TV” – Reuters TV

Public Service & Activism

“What You Can Do” – On the Leesh Productions
“Teach for America” – Teach for America
“Rise Up” – Fusion Network
“MTV Braless” – MTV
“Our UNICEF YouTube Channel” – UNICEF

Science & Education Channels

PBS Digital Studios – PBS
American Museum of Natural History – American Museum of Natural History
MinutePhysics – MinutePhysics
Vsauce Channels – Vsauce Networks

Variety Channels

Good Mythical Morning – Rhett & Link, Inc.
Barely Political – YouTube, Barely Political
SoulPancake – SoulPancake
PBS Online Film Festival – PBS
Red Bull YouTube Channel – Red Bull Media House

Best Use of Video

GoPro – GoPro
“Every 6 Seconds” – M&C Saatchi Group
#LikeAGirl – Leo Burnett, Toronto
“Taco Bell: Snapchat Movie” – Deutsch
Vine – Vine

Mobile Sites & Apps: Best Streaming Video

Hulu Plus – Hulu
PBS Kids Video App – PBS Kids Digital
HBO Go (Android handled and tablet, iOS) – HBO Digital Products
Comedy Central App – Isobar
Vine, iPhone – Vine

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