What Everyone Gets Wrong About Sponsorships


Creating branded content is a great way for YouTubers to sharpen their skills, expand their audience, and increase their bottom line. So why are many creators so shy about taking advantage of brand opportunities? The truth is there are a lot of serious misconceptions about creating branded content that are keeping many creators from getting the most out of their online influencer status. Today we want to clear the air and correct the Five biggest misconceptions about branded content on YouTube.

Branded/Sponsored Videos Aren’t Allowed


Believe it or not there are many creators who believe that the only money they’re allowed to earn on YouTube must come directly from YouTube via AdSense. Nothing could be further from the truth. Creators are allowed, and in many cases even encouraged to work directly with brands to create custom content. YouTube places ads ON your videos but they have no say in what products you endorse or share IN your videos.

Branded Videos Are Low Quality or Less Entertaining


This is another common mistake. The quality of a branded video is all in the hands of you, the creator. Your brand partner may ask you to include a specific phrase or piece of information, but the way that information is presented is up to you. There’s an old saying, “the medium is the message.” In this case you are the medium, the package that the message comes wrapped in, as long as you’re true to yourself the same authentic style that made you an influencer will make your branded video shine.

My Audience Will Hate It


As a creator you’ve built your audience by delivering fun, trustworthy, authentic content. Your fans and subscribers know you and they know that you wouldn’t recommend a product or brand if you didn’t believe in it. Some of the biggest names on YouTube make branded content. What most audiences really want is more and better content from their favorite creators and influencers. Creating branded content can give you the financial freedom to do that and your fans will thank you for it. Some of the biggest stars on YouTube create branded content and their audiences have embraced them for it. It’s all about using your creativity, the same creativity that you use to connect with your audience every day, to create content that they’ll love.

I Wouldn’t Feel Sincere


This is a common worry. As a social media influencer you rely on the authentic relationship you’ve built with your fans, and the idea of trying to sell them on a product you don’t believe in is intimidating. The good news is, you don’t have to! There are dozens of brands that you love and products that you use every day that would love to sponsor a video. The only trick is making those genuine connections with brands you like. Fortunately there are services that can help creators to connect with compatible brands.

Brand Deals Are Hard To Find

This one isn’t totally untrue. It can be hard for an independent creator, working alone, to find a brand deal that’s right for them. Fortunately, it’s not something thing that you need to do on your own. YouTube networks and services like Grapevine specializing in connecting YouTube talent with compatible brands and helping them to hammer out deals that are beneficial to both. These intermediaries know how to create opportunities that will valuable to creators and brands alike.

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