What Some Major YouTubers Are Doing To Keep You Alive


The Ad Council has more than 70 years of experience in looking out for you. They’re the organization responsible for iconic public health and safety campaigns like Smokey The Bear, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” and “A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.” You probably grew up with these slogans with these slogans and ads burned into your brain. That’s probably why you’re not a drunk driving drug addict who’s on fire.

The ad council has been working hard to keep us dummies alive since World War II, and that means using whatever necessary to get the message out. In the past they’ve relied on print, posters, and most recently television, but it’s 2015 and all media is social now. That’s why they’re teaming up with Google and an army of YouTube stars to continue their good work.

The Ad Council is partnering with YouTube, as well as every major MCN, to create content for their latest campaigns. Grace Helbig (Fullscreen), The Fine Bros (Fullscreen), MyLifeAsEva (Fullscreen), Meghan Rienks (AwesomenessTV), Joey Graceffa (StyleHaul), iJustine (StyleHaul), Josh Leyva (AwesomenessTV), Meg DeAngelis (AwesomenessTV), Alba Garcia (StyleHaul), Meghan Camarena (Maker Studios) and LuzuGames (Maker Studios) and a number of others will all be working with the ad council to promote important causes.

The partnership is a big step for the Ad Council and the important causes they promote. However, it’s also a major vote of confidence for YouTube and its influential stars. The Ad Council has a solid track record when it comes to being on the front lines of media. If they think it’s time to get into the YouTube game, then chances are we’ve been right all along when we said that YouTube is the future.

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