What’s Trending, Prank Vs Prank & Marriott Give Guy Surprise Party of A Lifetime

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What’s Trending partnered with Marriott recently to throw a surprise party for Marriott’s one millionth mobile check-in guest … and they brought Prank vs Prank’s Jeana Smith along to help celebrate it.

Shira Lazar and Jeana, along with balloons, dancers, Sean Klitzner, a DJ, and an oversized key worth one million Marriott points (daaaaamn!) got to blow some lucky schlub’s mind with an outrageous party in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles (swank digs too!).

Of course, this story wouldn’t be any fun if Marriott didn’t offer you a chance at millions of Marriott points that are up for grabs, so make sure you stay in those hotels when you have a chance — and use mobile for check-in.

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What’s that? You want more YouTube involvement so this doesn’t sound like a free ad for Marriott? Well, according to the release:

“In addition to the kickoff, Marriott teamed with the Emmy-nominated, multi-platform internet and pop culture media brand What’s Trending and host Shira Lazar to produce five additional What’s Trending digital videos, which are on www.YouTube.com/Marriott and feature a cross-range of YouTube influencers taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to capturing their personal journeys thanks to mobile check-in. Part of the newly formed Marriott global content studio, the series features five major YouTube stars (Jeana Smith from PrankVsPrank; Louis Cole from FunForLouis; Tom from TheSyndicateProject; Steve Zaragoza from Sourcefed; and Meghan Camarena from Strawburry17) as they live out their wildest travel dreams with unique experiences. From paintball to martial arts and piloting a helicopter, the series gives travelers the chance to join in the action through the eyes of these online stars.”

It’s probably for the best that they didn’t choose me to live out my dream. This Key & Peele vid shows right where my head is at with all that:

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