Why Brand Deals Are Good: The 5 Upsides of Brand Deals



Brand deals can seem like an incredibly difficult task to the new YouTube creator. Running through all the legal loopholes and even having to do work that falls outside the scope of your personal brand can seem daunting and possibly not worth the money being offered.

Fear not! Brand deals are great for you and your channel. Here’s why:

1. You’ll be Making More Money

Brand deals actually net you a nice infusion of cash when you need it the most. Even the smallest of brand deals can net you ten times the money you might make on your AdSense CPM for a regular video.

Now, some fans might call this selling out, but as pointed out by other creators, the money is what keeps your channel going, and grants you as the creator the chance to continue creating. More often than not, you can negotiate the terms of the deal so your videos can be as organic as possible, and let’s face it, most of the brands are contacting you because they are interested in your creative process and want to invest in you and your business! (If you get some backlash, create a vid explaining exactly why brand deals are important to maintaining your vision and career! Your true fans will understand.)

2. You’ll Get The Budget For Your Dream Videos

Partnering up with brand can lead to all kinds of amazing possibilities for your content. Sure, you can do the same old thing (and sometimes that is what brands want), but try and pitch that idea you have been kicking around but have needed additional resources to create.

Maybe you are a gaming channel who wants to animate your gameplay. That additional brand money can be used to hire an animator. And if the brand just wants some gameplay, use that money to fund your own animated series.

In the end, this makes you happy and give your audience awesome new content they will be psyched to watch.

3. It Opens up Exciting Opportunities

When you make your first brand deal, you probably won’t charge as much as the guy who’s on his tenth brand deal, but once you get that door open it provides a whole host of opportunities. Whether is working with other creators or getting to travel to an awesome event, brand deals can be a lot of fun. You could end up doing things you didn’t even know you were interested in, and in the process find yourself having a grand time creating new and exciting content.

4. You Are Now A Professional Entity

With great brand deals, comes great responsibility. When you start taking on contractual obligations, you’ve officially moved yourself from just a guy/girl making videos in their basement, to a professional creator, with a professional creator’s salary to accompany it. The more work you do, the more you establish yourself in the space as marketable product, and you’re doing it by doing things you love.

This leads to more brand deals, and more opportunities as a professional entertainer. Notice all those YouTube creators popping up on television? They all cut their teeth working with brands.

5. You’re Helping New Media and Other Creators

When you work on a branded video, you’re representing not only yourself, but new media as whole. Many companies are still unfamiliar with the new media landscape when it comes to marketing but are starting to dip their toe in the online waters.

By handling your video like the boss that you are, you’re not only giving street cred to yourself, but to the idea of new media and YouTube as a whole. Basically, you’re making our space more positively received by traditional folk, by being your awesome self. This only leads to more opportunities all around and is part of this exciting digital evolution. And you, creator, can be a huge part of that.