You’ll Never Believe What Buzzfeed Did To This Young Reporter!


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Allie Yang, a reporter for PIX 11 News, was the subject of a Buzzfeed screwjob, apparently. The reporter, who was live on scene at the site of a building collapse in Manhattan, snapped some amazing photos of the action involved with the tragedy.

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And then Buzzfeed got their wily hands on the photos, allegedly republishing them without attribution. Of course that didn’t sit well with Ms. Yang, who took to the Twitterverse and Reddit (possibly … people on Reddit are notorious karma whores) to call out the hyperbolic company. Buzzfeed allegedly then used another photo and attributed it to rival media station ABC 7 NY.

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Yang doesn’t seem content to just call out the much-maligned internet company though — in her latest tweet she calls upon Ashley Alese Edwards, a digital producer for Pix 11, to help rip Buzzfeed a new one. Edwards’ response:

Umm, I don’t know what that means …

It isn’t the first time that Buzzfeed has been accused of questionable online practices though.

ALL CREDIT FOR ALL PHOTOS GOES TO ALLIE YANG IN THIS ARTICLE! Oh god, I don’t want her going after me… she seems “internet dangerous.”

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