YouTube Is Google’s Best Asset For Future Earnings Potential

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Forget the Android mobile operating system, the search engine or any of the other cutting-edge philanthropic innovations Google has invested in lately — the real jewel in their crown is YouTube.

Taking a bullish stand on the video platform during Google’s annual earnings call (their profit disclosure announcement), Omid Kordestani, Google’s Business Chief was excited about the potential ad revenue the site could be making — and that’s enough.

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Kordestani told investors the company COULD be profitable right now, but they’re investing back into new technology for the site, believing in the incoming shift from television networks who are apparently lining up to push into the digital marketplace. While they didn’t get too explicit on YouTube’s revenue numbers — something that Google is typically loathe to do — they did say that advertisers signing up for the company’s TrueView service has increased by 25 percent. TrueView is the option that lets users watch a part of an ad before opting out of it.

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According to Forbes, the business leader responsible for monitoring earnings, Kordestani also managed to take a jab at video rival Facebook: “People who watch videos on YouTube aren’t distracted by anything else on the site.”

So that sounds like job security for everyone for a while.

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