YouTube Leverages NFL Advertising To Benefit Top YouTubers

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Working with the axiom “a rising tide floats all boats,” YouTube is determined to use its contract with the NFL to better itself across the board, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In their perfect world, YouTube would charge $5.2 million for a full season of advertising on the NFL’s YouTube channel. But it comes with a catch: if you pay $5.2 million for NFL, you pay another $5.2 million to be spread across their Google Preferred channels — basically the top five percent of YouTubers would benefit from additional advertising because of the NFL deal. So Shane Dawson, PewDiePie, Michelle Phan and the other top-of-the-heap types would see that increased ad revenue on their channels. Hopefully that works with the demographics … I can’t imagine that a lot of the NFL’s core demographic overlaps with, say, Zoella’s fans. Are Bethany Mota’s fans in the market for propane grills and Ram trucks? I couldn’t say.

Of course, since the NFL hasn’t been in season since they signed this deal with YouTube, we don’t exactly know if $10.4 million is a fair price to pay just to get pre-roll 15-second advertising clips before game highlights, analysis and “special content.” If they can consistently score views above and beyond the 2.7 million pair of eyeballs they got for their Super Bowl XLIX video of the Patriots and the Seahawks, it works out. But then, on the other end of the spectrum, dreck like “The Greatest Peyton Manning Tribute Video. Ever.” grabbed just 7,000 views. That’s just bad business.

I guess we’ll find out these answers starting in September.

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