YouTube Musician Charity Vance Talks Anti-Smoking Campaign ‘Left Swipe Dat’

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When the talented and beautiful Charity Vance tells you she doesn’t find smoking attractive, it makes you want to look inwardly at your own habits. As part of the LeftSwipeDat antismoking campaign put out by truth, YouTube stars and musicians Charity Vance and Jason Chen have partnered up to talk the dangers of smoking on your social life. Last week, we talked to Jason about his part in the campaign. This week, we got Charity to give us the inside story on smoking and her involvement with this PSA. Plus, we’ve got their video! Having just dropped on YouTube, we’re able to include Left Swipe Dat 2.0 to round out the interview. Not that an interview with Charity needs rounding out …

So be sure to read the interview, watch the video, then throw away your cigarettes (or better yet, tear them up so no one else can get ‘em either!) and finally, be sure to update your Tinder profile pic so it is cigarette free. As Charity and Jason explain, you don’t want a cancer stick to be the reason potential dates left swipe your pic.

How did you wind up in an anti-smoking campaign in the first place?

I’m so excited to be part of “Left Swipe Dat”! Jason Chen and I had a blast creating our spin on the original “Left Swipe Dat” and while we definitely meant for our video to be funny, we’re hoping that it also brings attention to a serious issue. Plus, smoking profile pics on dating apps actually get almost twice as many left swipes as non-smoking pics – just another reason not to start smoking at all.

Have you ever tried smoking?

I haven’t ever tried it actually… Since I am a singer and want to keep my voice in the best condition I can, I don’t see the point in ever giving it a shot and risking getting addicted. I also don’t have any desire, and it’s just so bad for you vocal chords!

What did you think of truth’s first video starring Harley Morenstein, Grace, Anna Akana and others? Is your video even better?

I’m a huge fan of Harley Morenstein, Grace, and Anna Akana. They’re super talented and creative. Our version of “Left Swipe Dat” looks and sounds different than theirs – but the message is the same: smoking is not only deadly, it’s also unattractive. I hope Harley, Grace and Anna like how Jason and I changed up the original! And, we hope that others join us in making their own unique video!

Do you feel the campaign is more about making people aware of the harm of tobacco so they can decide for themselves or is it about banning tobacco outright?

Truth is all about empowering teens to be the generation that ends smoking. That’s the message behind their Finish It campaign. They want to make sure that everyone gets the unfiltered facts about tobacco. One interesting fact is that in 2000, 23% of teens smoked in the US. Today, that percentage has declined to just 8%! It’s amazing! But Big Tobacco isn’t walking away and neither should we.