YouTube Musician Charity Vance Talks Anti-Smoking Campaign ‘Left Swipe Dat’

Do you feel it’s important for YouTubers to get involved in social conscious awareness campaigns? Is there any other issues you are passionate about?

Being a YouTuber, and singer, I think it’s a gift to have a platform to share ideas and raise awareness for certain campaigns. I am super passionate about loving and taking notice of others in big situations or small. A few of my favorite campaigns / nonprofits are the following: The Sparkle Effect, anything regarding animal rescue, Unicef, Truth and smoking prevention … and many more.

What do you have coming up next?

I am super excited to announce I have been in the studio since I moved to LA recently, and am working with a few super dope producers on my next project! I’ll be releasing some music that I have written and worked on with them soon, so keep up on my social sites – @charityvance – and of course on YouTube!

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