YouTube Not Working? Google Cuts Support For Older Devices


It’s official:, YouTube is leaving some of us behind. The video giant is updating its data API to support new and anticipated features, and as a result YouTube’s mobile app will no longer function on a wide variety of older devices. Anyone using an iOS device running iOS7 or newer should be safe, but if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch is running an earlier version of the Apple operating system, you’ll have to say goodbye to YouTube for now.

The oldest possible mobile option for most users is the iPhone 4 which is capable of running iOS7. All previous generation devices are capped at iOS6. If you’re using an older iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch there is still hope. YouTube is still accessible through your phone’s web browser, typically Safari, and most videos should still be watchable.

For owners of first and second generation Apple TVs, the news is worse. As of today, these devices will no longer be able to access YouTube at all. While iPhone and devices operating below iOS7 are comparatively rare, there are still a large number of first and second generation Apple TVs in circulation. In fact, the second generation Apple TV supports almost all the same features as the third generation model. Critically, however, second generation TV’s don’t support playback in 1080p which YouTube now considers essential.

As of today, users searching for videos on outdated devices will be redirected to a single text-only YouTube video which explains the issue in a multitude of languages. At this time, users of affected devices have no option but to update their equipment if they wish to continue using YouTube.

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