YouTube Star Fired From Orchestra Over ‘Nazi’ Twitter Comments

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Reporting multicultural stories can be tricky because things sometime get lost in translation, but an interesting brouhaha has developed on Twitter over musician and YouTube star Valentina Lisitsa.

Formerly scheduled to perform with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Lisitina, a Kiev-born pianist, saw the shows abruptly cancelled after her political views on Twitter became too extreme, including posts referencing the Nazis and the atrocities of the Holocaust. Though Lisitsa claims she is not “anti-Ukraine” in a discussion with NPR, the tweets are certainly colorful to say the least.

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Lisitsa has taken exception to her “unfair sacking” by the TSO, even going so far to publish all her so-called offensive tweets in proper context and call out the orchestra’s CEO Jeff Melanson for unfair practices (though she ultimately was paid in full).  She has elected to perform a free concert tonight to appease her disappointed fans.

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Of course, the TSO published their own alleged catalog of her tweets and the two lists are remarkably different:

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You can access the TSO’s collection here with the password “MusicalToronto.”

The question remains: where does free speech end and social accountability begin? Or just not being mean?


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