YouTube Suicide: Transgender Teen Kills Self Over Bullying

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Taylor Alesana was just trying to figure herself out, get through high school and become a YouTube star. Ultimately, the bullying and harassment the transgender 16-year-old experienced at her San Diego, Calif. high school proved to be too much, too mean and too damaging.

The budding beauty vlogger who recently took her life had moved to the area and had decided to live her life as a female. According to details from her YouTube videos, the teen would wear female clothing on the weekends and during the summer, but still struggled to find a group of friends who would accept her for who she was.

“Taylor Alesana was constantly picked on by peers before taking her life last week,” the North County LGBTQ Resource Center told the New York Post.

“With few adults to turn to, and with no support from her school, her life became too difficult,” the spokesperson said. “Taylor was a beautiful and courageous girl, and all she wanted was acceptance.”

Alesna was actually the second teen in a single month who committed suicide while utilizing the services of that LGBTQ resource center.

“I fear for anyone that’s even just a little bit different. They know what bullying is like,” Taylor says in one of her videos.

And now it’s too late to help her.

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