YouTube’s Music Key Beta Has Arrived … Courtesy of MysteryGuitarMan

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Recently I wrote about Music Key’s beta and how there wasn’t actually anything to it yet. Well, that’s all changed as of today, and MysteryGuitarMan was the missing link.

See, MysteryGuitarMan got a whole bunch of access to YouTube’s Music Key beta, and thoughtfully, he extended me some access (which I can pass on to you good people). So now, I can actually try the service and let you know what I think before you have to steal your mom’s credit card to check it out for yourselves. Stealing is wrong, btw.

My review thus far: it’s interesting. It’s far too early for me to have explored the nuances of it fully so I don’t want to rush out and give you a half-cocked review, but so far so good I think. It has been so long since I have listened to music without ads on YouTube that it sort of feels like a glorious rebirth of the site. Oversell? Probably. Still, I am having fun running around the channels listening to my tunes.

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MysteryGuitarMan (I forget if he wants me to use his real name or not and at this point I’m too lazy to ask) and I happen to be right on par with our music in that we both use YouTube as a music service. I never got into the whole Spotify/Pandora/Rdio run. Usually if I want to hear a tune, I head right to YouTube in the first place. And now, with no ads, it’s made my life that much easier.

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So right now, with that access code courtesy of MysteryGuitarMan, unless YouTube comes down on him/us with holy hellfire for giving it out (at which point, hey, we found the code in an alley dumpster!!) you get six months of free Music Key. It’s pretty cool so far, but we’ll see how it holds up over the summer when I need my tunes the most!

And naturally, MysteryGuitarMan’s jams will be in my rotation.

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