11 Things To Do Before Seeing Pitch Perfect 2


The internet has been eagerly awaiting the release of Pitch Perfect 2 for what seems like decades at this point.

And now, it’s finally here.

But before you go rushing off to the theaters to see it at least a dozen times this weekend, we have a few suggestions of things you can do first to properly psych yourself up for it. Ready? Okay.

11. Watch the trailer.

First things first, right? You’ve probably already seen all of the trailers, but in case you haven’t, it’s a great starting point for the rest of our list. (And if you have, you already know you want to watch them again.)

10. Brush up on your love for Pentatonix.

Real life a cappella sensations Pentonix represent the Canadian competitors in the World Competition. (And if you haven’t gotten enough of them after watching the video below, check out our list of a cappella videos to watch while you await Pitch Perfect 2.)

9. Meet the newest Barden Bella.

Hailee Steinfeld isn’t a newcomer on the scene by any means, but even after an Academy Award nomination in 2011, her star meter is rising these days, namely for being the newest (and prominently featured) Bella and for snagging the lead in the upcoming film Barely Lethal.

8. Check out the music videos for the film.

While the first Pitch Perfect had the inclusionary and clever a cappella version of “Starships” by the cast, YouTuber Mike Tompkins, and fans to promote the film, the sequel has gone the more traditional route. “Flashlight,” a song written for the movie is sung by Jessie J and features clips, like many music videos for films do, and “Crazy Youngsters” is both written and performed by cast member and renowned lyricist Ester Dean (and has appearances by Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, and Flula).

7. Explore director/producer Elizabeth Banks’ behind the scenes videos.

You gotta love Elizabeth Banks. Not only did she produce and act in the first film, but she also produced, directed, and reprised her role in the sequel. On top of that, she’s managed her YouTube presence quite well, and the latest installment of that has included a number of behind the scenes videos and production vlogs from the filming of the movie. Aca-thanks, Elizabeth!

6. See Das Sound Machine front man Flula interview the rest of the cast.

Flula is always an interesting character, so we all knew any Pitch Perfect 2-related videos he’d release on his channel would be worth the wait. And, naturally, they don’t disappoint.

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