5 Nights At Freddy’s — Zero Hour: Horror Game Gets Creepy Homage YouTube Series

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Terror looms large in this new not-for-profit YouTube series of the hit scary game, Five Nights At Freddys. Borrowing the theme of the game, trying to keep the monsters out, the premise of the series seems simple enough:

Joe Wiebe takes on the starring role of Mike Schmidt, a guy in need of a job (but not so in need of a job that he can’t sit around playing video games — his roommate is right to drop the ultimatum bomb, this guy deserves what he gets). Suddenly a strange phone call offers a night security job guarding the Freddy Fazbears pizza place. From the get go, this job seems creepy — and it only seems to get creepier.

If you’re a fan of the game and you can’t wait for the forthcoming movie, by all means, this series should be right up your alley. It looks well done, it feels ominous and it has Sourcefed’s Matt Lieberman as a creepy former employee. What’s not to love? And fear.

From the crew at Fright-o-Verse and called Five Nights At Freddy’s — Zero Hour, we’re calling this fan series (which as we alluded to, has no allowable use of the trademark) an absolute MUST WATCH! But only if you like a good chiller thriller.

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