6 Epic Senior Pranks That Went Too Far


May is winding down and that means that graduation party invites will soon go out and senior pranks are already being planned ahead of graduation. The senior pranks has been a rite of passage for teenagers since before marketing executives decided that teenagers were even a thing. Departing students want to say a memorable farewell to the schools where they spent most of their teen years — and what better way than with an epic prank!

In times past, a well-executed prank could lead to yearbook infamy and make you the star of your 10 year reunion, but in the age of social media the stakes are even higher. The perfect prank shared to Instagram, YouTube, or Vine could go viral and turn the perpetrators into stars. Of course, it’s also possible that documenting your prank on social media could lead to something less fun. Like an arrest. After all, the recipe for a good prank often calls for a pinch of trespassing, a sprinkle of vandalism, and maybe a few drops of petty theft, none of which you want captured on camera with your name tagged. Check out these six epic pranks that landed the perpetrators in legal hot water.

Alarm Clock Bomb Scare

Two students at South Iredell High School in North Carolina thought it would be funny to fill unused lockers with alarm clocks set to go off throughout the day. What they failed to realize was that ticking sounds coming from inside school lockers might trigger thoughts of a bomb threat. The harmless prank meant to disrupt a bit of the school day lead to an evactuation of the school and deployment of the Statesville, NC bomb squad.

It didn’t take long for cops to track down the pranksters, Shannon Marie Farrell and Lekia Hall, since the two went old school and emailed classmates about the prank days in advance. Instead of starting off their lives and careers, both girls are facing a felony charge and a possible 25 months in prison all because they couldn’t resist sharing their clever scheme in that oldest of old-school social media: email.