A Blind Horror Game is Something You Wouldn’t Expect!

Think of all the games that you’ve played that have had a first-person view. Now, how many of those protagonists have been blind?

The developers that brought you “Bioshock” and “Deadspace” have created the new, nightmarish horror game “Perception” that utilizes the untouched element of blindness. Sadly, this game still isn’t a reality just yet, because it’s creators are currently trying to raise about $150,000 on Kickstarter to make all of our fears a reality. A fair amount of the game’s budget has come out of the developers’ pockets, so now they are looking to crowdfunding to finalize the game and ship it out by June.

The trailer they put out is really eerie and it demonstrates the game’s core feature, which involves having you tap your cane around to feel out your surroundings. There’s just one problem. Every time you tap your cane, you alert the spirits that hover around the home that you exist, the most menacing of which is a spirit called The Presence.

Perception’s main character, Cassie, has been dreaming about a specific house for quite some time. Her research eventually leads her to estate called Echo Bluff (it should be named Nightmare Bluff, let’s be real), where she learns there are supernatural forces all up in this house who’ve been tormenting the residents for a very long time. These are said supernatural forces:

Personally, I hate anything that deals with horror, but I really like this new approach to the horror genre, and I will definitely be looking forward to the reviews.