Action Movie Kid Gets A New Sibling and a New Enemy Courtesy of Field Day

As soon as YouTube announced their experimental new Field Day channel, we knew we could expect some amazing new content from some of the platforms most ambitious creators.

The channel is meant to serve as a laboratory to push the boundaries of what YouTube content is and what it can be. To accomplish that goal, YouTube has assembled a creator brain trust that includes including everyone from VSauce to Mystery Guitar Man to steer the channel. Today’s offering takes YouTube staple “Action Movie Kid” to the next level, adding new characters, new villains, and its first ever ongoing story.


For the first time ever, Daniel Hashimoto and Matt Harry, the masterminds behind “Action Movie Kid,” have been able to give the effects-heavy channel a story arc of its own. Action Movie Kid gains an equally super younger sister, Sophia, and a new enemy in the form of the Alpha Tots Academy. It’s a major expansion for the usually self-contained world of “Action Movie Kid.”


If you enjoyed this video you may want to check out some of the other projects currently available on Field Day. Michaels Stephens of V-Sauce headed to Whitier Alaska, one of the smallest and most isolated towns in the world, to see what makes its residents tick. If music is more your thing, then dancer Amymarie Gaertner created a one-of-a-kind music video with DJ Steve Porter and nearly 200 remote controlled cars and drones. For hardcore gamers, Game Theorist’s MatPat put the physics of Star Fox to a real world test.

Upcoming videos will feature the unique talents of Improv Everywhere, Mike Relm, Devinsupertram, MysteryGuitrarMan, Soul Pancake, and Tatia Pilieva.

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