AlphaCat Talks Obama Impression, Along the Roadside Movie, And Being Awesome


Iman Crosson, known to many on YouTube as Alphacat, seems to make fans anywhere he goes. From the White House to the red carpet to YouTube, Iman has garnered attention and rave reviews for his ability to transform seamlessly into another person, real or created.

Recently, he got to do his fantastic Obama impression for the big man himself, and now Along the Roadside, the film he stars in as Varnie alongside Michael Madsen and Daniel Grozdich, has been released digitally. But don’t think Iman is sitting back waiting for the fame to come to him — nope, he’s on the hunt, looking for his next opportunity to wow people and create fans and subscribers.

Of course, doing that comes easy to this upcoming talent. The proof is below. Be sure to read the interview and then check out the movie Along the Roadside here. Also look for the interviews coming up with actor/YouTube star Daniel Grozdich and Along the Roadside director Zoran Lisinac.

How has your life changed since this movie was made?

Well, after being in Along the Roadside it’s definitely given me more leverage to be looked at as a legit actor. Often times when you are in social media and you’re an actor, you’re immediately labeled or looked at as not legit in the acting department. Meanwhile, I’m a classically trained actor, so starring in a film and having someone like Michael Madsen attached to that has definitely helped turn more heads and gain a little ground.

Do you get recognized more for Along the Roadside or your Barack Obama impersonation?

Well I definitely get recognized more for the Obama impression. Along the Roadside JUST came out to the public and on top of that it’s an independent film. Quite a different process than the immediate payoff and recognition from 6 second Vines and 2 minutes YouTube videos. But the day that happens, however, will be a really cool one.

What did Obama have to say about your impression of him?

When I did my impression for Obama in the Oval Office, it wasn’t so much what he said as much as it was what he did. Mid-impression he suddenly turns to the camera and cracked this big smile and pointed at me then said to the camera woman, “Are you getting this?? Come here, you gotta get this.” That was the best moment hands down.

Are there any plans for you to do another movie with Zoran and/or Danny?

Zoran and I have definitely talked about working together some more in the future. Zoran is a filmmaker’s filmmaker and at first it took me a second to grasp that being new to film. But having worked with him, I’ve come to understand his sensibility as a filmmaker and would definitely be down to do another film or a few. Especially now that he and I both would be more seasoned this time around.

What is your best story from the set?

The best story from set? This may not be the BEST story, but there’s a car scene where we’re talking about “mochi”. In the script “Varnie”, when referring to mochi, asks for some more of that “Japanese sh*t”.

Wel,l one of our camera operators was Japanese, his English wasn’t great and didn’t entirely understand the text. So between one of the takes he asks, slightly bothered, “Why ‘Japanese sh*t?? Why sh*t?'” Being Japanese, he thought we were saying something negative. So we had to take a second to quickly explain that it was just an expression and nothing negative was being said. We all laughed it off afterwards once he got it.


Good guy, right? It almost seems unfair that he’s such a multi-faceted talent. Almost.

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