Animal Planet Live Debuts Tarantula Cam


Animal Planet is getting ready to launch Monster Week, and Animal Planet Live isn’t about to be left out. The site is launching its latest addition, the tarantula cam, to hook up with the event. For arachnophiles it’s the perfect introduction to Animal Planet’s growing family of live streaming animal cams, and to a week of monstrous content from the discovery family channel both on TV and online.

Discovery recently pledged to double down on their popular animal live streams. Currently Animal Planet Live supports 25 live animal cams. That number is expected to climb to 100 as Discovery adds new animals and locations to their network of live streams. The hope is that the cameras will spawn their own dedicated viewer communities, and so far it seems to be working, with more and more animal enthusiasts tuning into the cams on the regular.

Viewers can tune in live to the tarantula cam and connect with fellow fans using the hashtag #TarantulaCam on social media.

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