Are Tube Heroes The YouTuber Toys We’ve Been Waiting For?


The past few years have seen YouTubers show up everywhere from the red carpet to bookstore shelves, but now the stars of YouTube gaming are heading for new terrain. A new toy line called Tube Heroes will bring the stars of YouTube gaming to toy store shelves starting later this week. The new line of action figures and plush dolls are supposed to hit stores May 22nd, but YouTube toy enthusiast Robert Welkner of CoinOpTV found some on sale early and treated viewers to a sneak peek.



The line includes action figures as well as plush toys depicting popular YouTube gamers like Captain Sparklez, AntVenom, ExplodingTNT, SkyDoesMinecraft, AshleyMarieGaming, CavemanFilms, JeromeASF, KSI, The Syndicate Project, and Vikkstar123. Toy manufacturer Jazwares, who are responsible for the new line of YouTube inspired toys, has promised a second wave of Tube Heroes including even more familiar faces and avatars.

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