Are Zee Germans Better? YouTube Space Berlin Tour Answers That Question

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.14.12 AM

Very Unofficial Tour Guides host Morgan O’Brien has never been to any other YouTube Space so he doesn’t “know if it’s bigger, smaller, cooler, or whatever” when compared to the rest. But he was good enough to take NMR and YouTubers everywhere on a tour of YouTube Berlin, so we can be the judge. Our determination: it’s much smaller, but still looks to have some sweet features — especially that bedroom set (bow chicka wow wow).

Located at the Met Film School in Berlin, the Space has several film sets, state-of-the-art filming and editing equipment and a bevy of great creators to make use of everything. And it sounds like Very UnOfficial Tour Guides intends to.

A travel channel out of Hamburg, Morgan’s VOTG has the YouTuber travelling the globe and offering opinions on what he finds. It sounds like the YouTube Space Berlin is a hit with him.

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