Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants You To Help Him ‘Blow Sh*t Up!’

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Redditor, we know this already. But part of his love for the little Snoo alien means that Redditors get the inside scoop whenever the Governator hatches a new scheme to help those school kids be healthy.

This time, he’s turned to Reddit to promote his new contest titled “Blow Stuff Up With Arnold Schwarzenegger.” It’s sponsored through Omaze, a for-profit money-raising site that partners with celebrities for social good. Arnold’s charity of choice is the After-School All-Stars, an entity that raises money for after-school programs. Allowing you to donate from $10-$50,000, your opportunities include winning an expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles to blow up random things with Arnold and a team of explosives-happy pyrotechnics, but there are also t-shirts, poker tournaments and other awesome prizes from the King of Hollywood Action Movies.

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There are 29 days left in the contest, so make sure you jump over and sign up to donate — it could be the difference between using a bazooka and grenades or microwaving yet another Hot Pocket.

Also, there’s some good charity opportunities involved.

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