Asian YouTuber Found Guilty Of Obscenity And ‘Wounding Religious Feelings’ … Yeah …

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Amos Yee found the limits of free speech in his native Singapore when he published a video on YouTube titled “Lee Khan Yew is Finally Dead.” The 16-year-old vlogger is extremely critical of the controversial figure who is frequently referred to as the “Father of Singapore” for his leadership and business that helped develop and modernize Singapore.

While Yee hasn’t been sentenced yet, he could face up to three years in prison for obscenity and intentionally wounding religious feelings. In addition to the contentious video, Yew also allegedly published a picture of Yew rogering Margaret Thatcher, which is actually pretty hilarious. (We of course can’t show you this picture but imagine a sort of wheelbarrow thing going on.)

“His actions are far from being ‘noble’ or imbued with good intentions. It was a calculated course of conduct undertaken for the sake of publicity and without regard to the damaging effects on the community,” said deputy public prosecutor Hay Hung Chun, to Quartz.

Likely prosecutors are going to take mercy on the young YouTuber and seek counseling and probation for him instead.

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