Bashur Deletes All His Videos … Controversial YouTuber Accidentally Hit Wrong Button

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So if you read our other article about Bashurverse and his many, many problems, then you’re aware he started a progressive new channel dedicated to turning over a new leaf. That side channel, called BashDoesThings, is about the controversial YouTuber doing and trying new things.

As of today though, the latest thing he has tried is deleting his growing cache of videos. Posting a new video to his account, Bashur explains that he accidentally did a few things that lead to ALL his videos on the channel being deleted.

He’s reached out to YouTube and hopefully they can do something for him today, but you’d think that with a lot of money hinged on things like this, the ability to delete all your channels would be a little more failsafe!

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The YouTuber initially came under fire for having his arrest record disclosed online. Initially he was charged with Unlawful Transaction W/ A Minor but eventually the charge was downgraded to Sexual Misconduct. Now he’s trying to move past that, but YouTube’s fickle system is making it difficult.

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