Beyonce Signs YouTube Musicians For $1.5 Million, Are You Next?

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Beyonce was glam at the Met, glam at the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight and now she’s glam in the recruiting game. She found a pair of sisters on YouTube who have gorgeous harmony and instrumental talent, and they are now the first performers she has signed from YouTube to her record label.

The sister act, a duo named Chloe and Halle Bailey, who are 17 and 15, predominantly do cover songs of pop hits including Drake, Nina Simone, Miley Cyrus and yes, some Beyonce. They’ve currently got over 500,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel. Their deal is one million dollars for six records over five years — a great deal for Beyonce if the girls blow up.

Beyonce’s other signee, Sophie Beem, is 14, plays keyboards and guitar and made it to the top 40 on The X Factor when she was 12. Beem has a $500,000 deal in place with Parkwood Entertainment, the label Beyonce founded in 2008.

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