Bizarre Unreleased Horror Film Starring Corey Feldman and Adam West Hits YouTube

We hear a lot about the ways that YouTube is redefining entertainment for the millennial generation, but the world’s largest video platform isn’t just an engine of change, it’s also an archive. One of the great joys of falling down a YouTube wormhole is stumbling onto an undiscovered treasure buried deep in the murky depths of the ‘tube. If you dive deep enough you can find unaired TV pilots, long forgotten shows, and even whole movies that no one cares about enough to enforce their copyright claim. For fans of the ironic and the obscure, YouTube is a gold mine.

Take for example Séance.

Come for the kooky cast, stay for the late 90’s fashion


Back in the early 2000’s the world was a very different place. So different, in fact, that someone decided to spend $1 million to make a horror movie starring former child star Corey Feldman and for-TV Batman Adam West. In fairness, this was right around the time that Family Guy triggered a small Adam Westsurgence by casting him as himself on the show. It’s no surprise that the movie, full title Séance (aka Killer In The Dark) never made it to theaters, but now this pop culture disasterpiece is finally making its digital debut.

Fourteen years after Séance entered development limbo filmmakers have opted to make it available online. The film is being released in ten parts and the first has already racked up nearly 100 thousand views. There are thousands of unreleased films and TV shows gathering dust in the archives of Hollywood studios just waiting for a no-cost distribution option. Hopefully this is the start of a trend and we’ll all be swimming in campy movie misfires before long.

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