Brock Baker Auditions For The Simpsons — Amazing!

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Brock Baker is a man of seemingly endless talent. Add to that list, his ability to beautifully imitate ALL of the voices Harry Shearer did on The Simpsons.

Posting his audition to his YouTube page, Baker, known for his comedy and his impressions, is intent on replacing Shearer who announced recently that he would be leaving the long-running animated series.

What’s beautiful about Baker’s audition footage is that he not only does flawless impressions, he also demonstrates how the intonations and inflections can shift to bring new characters out of more established ones. George H.W. Bush, for instance, is just a twisted version of Flanders — freakydeaky!

Other YouTubers have also put in their push to get Baker the gig as Shearer’s replacement, posting his footage on their social media to kickstart the viral appeal.

The beautiful thing is that if EVERYONE leaves The Simpsons, Baker has that covered as well. Here is a video of him doing 33 different impressions of various iconic characters.

I bet you feel pretty untalented right about now — I know I do.

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